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Conferences on Labor Law and Labor Arbitration

LAI organizes conferences across the United States and throughout the year.  Choose the city and time that is most convenient for you!  The faculty and topics vary by city, so be sure to review the agendas of our upcoming conferences and find the best fit for you and your organization.

Many of our programs are done in a single day, but we also offer two-day conferences for those who want to dive deeper.  Click the link above and check out our expanded offerings in Las Vegas, Baltimore, Tampa, and San Francisco for additional training and insight.

The topics and cases discussed at our conferences are intended to be relevant to any industry and practical for anyone with an interest in the arbitration process, including labor, management, legal, consulting, and more.  For those who work in or advise law enforcement, we offer an additional conference every year tailored to your unique needs (currently hosted in Las Vegas immediately following our general conference there).

Conference Registration

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