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Jeffrey Jacobs has been a practicing attorney in Minnesota since 1980. He has arbitrated labor disputes since 1995 and has authored over 500 final decisions. Prior to that, he practiced extensively representing union and management clients in both the private and public sectors. Jeff is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and is on the Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, Montana, U.S. Virgin Islands and Washington state lists and two FMCS panels. He is also on numerous permanent panels, including USPS/APWU and Delta Airlines/ALPA, in the public and private sectors. He has over 20 published decisions in BNA arbitration reporters along with hundreds of cases on the public sector lists around the country.

Jeff is a frequent lecturer at Labor Arbitration Institute seminars around the country as well as doing both live and webinars presentations for the AAA, Montana BOPA, Iowa PERB, Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, Minnesota BMS and FMCS seminars. He has authored several articles in that area, including an update to 2 sections of the 6th Edition of Elkouri and Elkouri, How Arbitration Works.

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