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Walt De Treux has been a labor and employment arbitrator and mediator since 1999 and a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators since 2007. He serves on the NAA Board of Governors and formerly served as National Coordinator of Regional Activities and the Managing Editor of the Academy’s newsmagazine, The Chronicle.

In addition to his panel listings (AAA, FMCS, Pa. Bureau of Mediation, NJ PERC, National Mediation Board), Walt serves as a permanent arbitrator for Association of PA Colleges and Universities Faculties and PA State System of Higher Education: Montgomery County MD Government and Montgomery County FOP Disability Panel (Chair); AFSCME Local 1730 and Special People in the Northeast; NJ PERC Special Disciplinary Panel for Police and Fire; Communication Workers of America and Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc. and Verizon Delaware, Inc. Special Mediation Panel; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pa. State Corrections Officers Association; Lower Merion Township Police Heart & Lung Panel; and AFSCME and Berks County Heart & Lung Panel. He also serves on the AAA Employment Panel. Walt develops and conducts extensive training for advocates and arbitrators.

Walt has been working in the labor and employment field since 1982, previously serving as counsel to the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters and its subordinate bodies. He has also worked in legal and leadership positions with the Pennsylvania State Senate Appropriations Committee and Philadelphia City Council. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University (B.A., Labor Studies, 1983) and Temple University School of Law (J.D. 1987).

Walt is an active volunteer with St. Christopher Parish and the Support Center for Child Advocates, and he coaches high school baseball. He lives in the Somerton section of Philadelphia with his wife, Maryann, and their four children.

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