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Conference Reporter is for persons involved in labor-management relations. By subscribing, you receive up-to-date and practical information that is:

  • Culled from lectures given by the top labor arbitrators in the country.
  • Vast array of labor and employment law subjects, especially those which you must know before the arbitration meeting
  • In a readable and often stimulating style because we edit them to keep your attention
  • At the touch of a button. Wherever you can pick up your email, you can receive Wisdom of the Week.

Let the Arbitrator Give You a Real-Life Tutorial

All you need is a computer and an e-mail address, and you will be hooked up to the best labor arbitrators in the country. They share their wisdom on the hot issues and advocacy strategies. The Conference Reporter comes in manageable doses (500-700 words) as an e-mail message to you every week, 51 weeks of the year. You can read and re-read it whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You can print it out, even catalog it.

Answers, Not Just Analysis

There are many books and other resources available on labor law and labor arbitration, but this is the only one that focuses on how arbitrators decide cases and what they expect from advocates. Each week, the focus is on the issues and the best arguments, rather than an overview of the law and arbitral principles. In other words, the arbitrators give you the short answers to real problems that you face.

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